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Dalmatian Coast Holidays - all about the Trogir & Kastela Rivieras in Central Dalmatia. Discover the beautiful mediaeval town of Trogir and the fortified homes of Kastela.

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Trogir is famous for its fortified town and Kastela was a region where rich barons from Split built their fortified houses to protect themselves from marauding invaders. Near Trogir is where you’ll find Split’s airport.

The Trogir Riviera

The beautiful mediaeval town of Trogir is a very popular tourist destination so the best time to explore this ancient town is early in the morning, out of season if possible. You can understand why Croatian, Italian and German film makers come here to shoot their films. Its cathedral is one of the most beautiful in Croatia and the winding streets boarded by tall stone houses are breath taking. Trogir is listed in the register of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage but is by no means a museum town. It’s a lively, living, town with pleasant cafes and restaurants and the most fantastic fish market. The bays around Trogir hide beaches offering rest for the body and soul.

Arial photo of Trogir
Someone stopping for lunch in Trogir

Trogir, like many towns on the Dalmatian Coast, is a big draw to the rich and famous, and it is not uncommon to see the boat of some celebrity or another stopping off here for lunch or for dinner. It is not hard to see why, as well as being an exceptionally beautiful town it also has, for its relatively small size, a disproportionate number of superb quality restaurants.

The Kastela Riviera

The Kastela Riviera has welcomed guests for more than a hundred years. The seven town settlements, at the foot of the karst hills, in the region between Trogir and Split date from the middle ages. Built to defend off the menace of the Turks, by the nobles of Trogir and Split, these fortified homes are surrounded by stone walls and some even have draw bridges. Each has its own story or legend. There are many natural wonders and excursions in the region like the old olive orchard of Stafilic castle, with 1500 trees, the Vranjaca cave, the Jadro river and the fortress at Klis.

Croatia Holiday & Vacation travel information

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