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Dalmatian Coast Holidays - all about the Split & Omis Rivieras in Central Dalmatia. Discover the magnificant Roman remains of Split & Solin, plus the old pirate town of Omis.

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The Split Riviera

The Split Riviera (Splitsko-Dalmatinska), incorporates the city of Split, the seaside resort of Podstrana, and Solin, the old Roman town of Salona. This region is steeped in history & is one of the most fascinating in Croatia archaeologically.

Split is one of the jewels of the Adriatic and is the cultural and economic hub of Central Dalmatia. A city that grew out of the Palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, built around 300 AD, where nearly 3000 inhabitants have been installed for 1700 years, now a place where ancient times live along side the rhythm of the twentieth century.

One of Split’s many chic alleys

Split’s centre is a labyrinth of narrow streets and grand squares paved in glossy white flagstones. A magical world offering historical monuments, a gift from the Romans and Venetians, plus chic shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, lively markets, elegant art galleries and vibrant music.

Split is full of little nooks, crannies and curiosities, such as this little apartment below, which is built directly into the old Roman wall of Diocletian’s Palace.

Split’s seafront promenade

Theatre festivals & open-air extravaganzas are the summertime trade marks of Split and the surrounding tourist regions. Split becomes the place on which world renowned operas, ballets, and dramas are presented. The scenic atmosphere created by the natural stages of the promenades, Roman facades and mediaeval palaces is unsurpassable.

Set in the heart of the city opposite the sea front promenade, with its lively bars, and palm tree walks, Diocletian’s Palace covers 3.5 hectares of Split’s centre and is one of the most unique constructions in Europe. Its 1700 years of history are now protected by UNESCO but it has always fired the interest of visitors and travellers. It is a fascinating city, having as much to offer as Dubrovnik, yet it is different also.

Roman entrance to Split’s Centre

Split people are very keen to point out that their city is a living city, not just a museum, which is very much true. It has to be said that the outskirts of Split can at best be described as utilitarian and one could easily just pass the city by, but don't do that. You have to go right into the heart of the city before it will reveal to you all its secrets.

Click here to see Diocletian’s Palace as it was in Roman times & as it is now.

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