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Dalmatian Coast Holidays - all about the islands & island resorts of Central Dalmatia. Includes the islands of Hvar, Brac & Vis, plus the resorts of Supetar, Milna, Jelsa & Bol.

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There are 1185 Islands, islets and rocks protecting the Croatian Coast. They are the remains of old mountains engulfed by the sea during the last ice age, their summits running parallel to the coast, separated by channels of turquoise sea. These isles, like pearls in the middle of the crystal clear water, are mostly uninhibited. Out of the 1185 islands only 66 are populated, the major ones being, Krk, Cres, Brac, Hvar, Pag, Korcula, Dugiotok, Mlijet, Vis, Rab and Losinj.

Zlanti Rat beach at Bol

Less than an hour by ferry from Split or Makarska, Brac is the third biggest island on the Croatian Coast and the biggest of Dalmatia. There are many resorts on Brac, such as Supetar, Milna, Postira & Pucisca which are beautiful little ports, and most famous of all, Bol, which is home to the Zlanti Rat peninsular beach, used in so many publicity shots. Many holiday activities are available on the island, including scuba diving, paragliding & wind surfing.

Thousands of beds in private apartments and Villas are just part of the tourist offer of the island, which alone in Dalmatia has its own airport.

Samostan & Bol
The town of Hvar

Hvar is perfect for peaceful living and rest and it’s hard to say what is most beautiful about the island, its welcoming breath or its history. The town of Hvar is exceptionally beautiful, enough to seduce Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone & Steven Spielberg, who said that Hvar was the most beautiful island in the world. Other resorts on the island are Stari Grad, Jelsa & Sucuraj, all charming little ports.

Hvar is famous for its exceptionally mild climate and with the seductive smell from the lavender fields, and the grapes turning in the sun’s rays in to the very best of wine, it’s not hard to see why every visitor wants to come back. Ferry boats go regularly to Hvar from Split and Drvenik.

Palmizana island off Hvar, a haunt of Tito
The port of Vis. Ferries go to Split & Ancona, Italy

Vis is Croatia’s most distant island and a tourist oasis of untouched beauty. It produces some of the best olives, figs, almonds, lemons in Croatia, and nowhere in the Mediterranean can you eat such tasty fish and lobster, prepared the same way as the ancient Vis fishermen used to do. Nearby is the famous Modra Spilja, the famous underwater blue cave.


Croatia Holiday & Vacation travel information

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