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1. Croatia has over 1000 islands to explore.
2. The coast and islands are all very indented, providing boaters with 1000’s of bays and coves suitable for stop-offs.
3. You need not travel far on the Croatian Adriatic to find a beautiful port or marina.
4. Croatia has an efficient and well coordinated Maritime Search and Rescue service.

Maritime Search & Rescue
in Croatia

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The Republic of Croatia is a signatory of the International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue, and as such is part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System- GMDSS. The National Maritime Rescue Coordination Center Rijeka (MRCC RIJEKA) provides a 24 hour watch service, and in terms of jurisdiction of the Center, this includes the region of internal marine waters, territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia (marine belt wide 12 nautical miles from the shoreline towards the open sea) and the region of international waters as confirmed in treaties with neighbouring states and as reported to the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Internal maritime waters and territorial marine waters are divided into sub-regions, for which the sub-centers are responsible alongside the MRCC RIJEKA.

The National Center (MRCC RIJEKA), all the sub-centers (Port Authorities) and their port stations and all shore radio stations - Rijekaradio, Splitradio and Dubrovnikradio, provide maritime radio monitoring services on internationally confirmed frequencies and channels for emergencies and safety.

The Global Maritime Distress and Safety Program - GMDSS, operates on terrestrial and satellite technology. Terrestrial and satellite telecommunications include VHF radiotelephony, VHF DSC digital selective calling, MF/HF RT and MF/HF DSC (radiotelephony - mid/short-wave + digitally selective calling on short/long wave), Radiotelex, Navtex, the SAR radar transponder and transmission VHF radiotelephony systems. Satellite telecommunications include the COSPAS-SARSAT system as well as the satellite radio-location subsystem GMDSS and INMARSAT (the International Mobile Satellite Organization), as the communication section of the satellite subsystem GMDSS.

MRCC RIJEKA, as the maritime rescue coordination center in Croatia operates on the frequencies and channels of the GMDSS system, as well as maintaining 24 hour service on two toll-free telephone numbers for all calls from fixed and mobile telephones at the emergency number +9155, from outside Croatia at the telephone number +385 51 9155 and by fax +385 51 312 254.


1.Weather report for the Adriatic Sea

Shore-based radio stations emit daily weather reports and weather forecasts for the upcoming 12 and 24 hour periods, both in Croatian and in English:

  Rijekaradio - call sign 9AR - VHF ch. 04, 20, 24, 81 at 5:35, 14:35, 19:35 UTC

  Splitradio - call sign 9AS - VHF ch. 07, 21,23, 81 at 5:45, 12:45, 19:45 UTC

  Dubrovnikradio -call sign 9AD - VHF ch. 07,04 at 6:25, 13:20, 21:20 UTC

- universal time coordinating (= GMT, Greenwich Mean Time)

2.Constant weather forecasts on VHF - transmitters

Weather forecasts for the Croatian coastal region are provided in Croatian, English, Italian and German every ten minutes, and are updated at 7:00, 13:00 and 19:00 (local time). The summary presents an overview of the weather, a short forecast for the next 24 hours and information on air pressure.

Broadcast on:

  VHF ch. 73 for northern Adriatic/ western coast of Istria

  VHF ch. 69 for northern Adriatic/ eastern part

  VHF ch. 67 for central Adriatic / eastern part

  VHF ch. 73 for southern Adriatic / eastern part


The Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development of the Republic of Croatia, based on the National Plan for Maritime Search and Rescue, is responsible for the organization and execution of search and rescue at sea. The National Plan for Search and Rescue clearly outlines the principles of structure and activity, authority, responsibility and active measures by responsible persons during search and rescue operations at sea under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Croatia.

The structure of the Search and Rescue service is as follows:



- regulates the operation of all Port Authorities in the Republic of Croatia - Pula, Rijeka, Senj, Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Ploce, Dubrovnik

  COAST GUARD UNITS - all Port stations of all Port Authorities + shore-based radio stations + monitoring lighthouses

  RESCUE UNITS - sea, air and land based units

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